Welcome to your recruitment company

When a great idea is ready to be turned into a business, we support our clients through the start-up and growth phases. We find the right people, with the right skill sets, to join companies on a temporary or permanent basis and contribute to their success. Empire has the services and skills to support clients through all of these phases and more. Whatever the phase in the client life cycle, Empire strives to provide an HR solution.

Clients program “optimal workforces for clients”:

Sectors we work in: Industry, Information Technology, Hospitality, leisure and tourism, Construction and Property, Retail, Finance and Legal, Medical and Science.

Work is a basic human need. In Empire we work to change working life of everyone for the better.

Empire operates on the principles:

Act quickly

Interviewing, testing and shortlisting your candidates never been so quick.

Stay in touch

Constant communication between our team and clients that will keep everyone updated at all time.

Up-front and honest

With our professional, friendly and supportive culture we will meet all your needs.


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